Cody Johnson Goes Hatless and Fans Are Surprised

Country music sensation Cody Johnson made headlines recently when he took the stage for a high-energy performance, completely hatless. Fans were taken aback by this sudden change in appearance and it’s been the talk of the town ever since.

If you’ve been following Cody’s career, you know that his signature cowboy hat has been a staple in his wardrobe for as long as we can remember. But it seems that Johnson has decided to shake things up a bit and try out a new look. The question on everyone’s mind is, why now?

Could it be that Cody Johnson wants to switch up his image to better align with the modern country music scene? Or maybe he just decided on a whim to showcase his hair for once. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure – Cody Johnson’s hatless performance will go down in history as one of the most surprising moments of his career.

If you’re a fan of Cody Johnson, this is an article you won’t want to miss. Curious about what else he has up his sleeve? Keep reading to find out more.

Cody Johnson Without Hat
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Cody Johnson, a renowned country music singer, surprised his fans when he decided to perform without his cowboy hat. It was a significant change in his look, and fans took to social media to share their mixed opinions.

The impact of the cowboy hat in Country Music

The country music genre and the cowboy hat have been inseparable since the days of Hank Williams and Gene Autry. The hat is an iconic symbol of the genre, and fans have come to associate it with the Cowboy way of life. Artists like George Strait, Garth Brooks, and Alan Jackson solidified the cowboy hat as part of the Country music identity.

Cody Johnson goes Hatless

Johnson’s decision to perform without his cowboy hat took fans by surprise. He traded his signature black cowboy hat for his blonde hair, which was tied up in a topknot. Cody is known for his Texas roots, and his cowboy hat is part of his identity as an artist, making his decision to go hatless a bold move.

Why did Cody ditch the hat?

Although Cody had not given any reasons for his decision to go hatless, some speculate that it could be attributed to a more modern country music approach, where artists are not bound by the old traditions of cowboy hats and boots. Or, it could be a subtle nudge to differentiate himself from other country music artists.

The Fans react

Cody’s fans shared mixed reactions to his new look. While some embraced the change, others expressed their dissatisfaction and disorientation. A fan on Twitter wrote, “I didn’t even recognize Cody Johnson without his cowboy hat.” Another said, “He doesn’t look bad, but I prefer him with his cowboy hat.”

Positive Reactions

Even though some fans were not thrilled about Cody going hatless, many welcomed the change. Some suggested that he looks younger, fresher, and more approachable without the hat. It shows that Cody is comfortable enough in his own skin to switch up his look and still command the stage.

The New Look

Cody’s new look has been described as youthfully energetic and refreshing by some fans. His blonde hair tied up into a topknot gives him a touch of contemporary flair which still aligns with his country music roots. The new look also reinforces that Cody is at ease taking risks and adapting to different styles.

Cody’s Music

While the discussion has mainly centered around his hat, Cody’s music remains the main attraction. His music has won accolades and earned him a massive following. Cody Johnson has been making traditional country music with a modern twist, which resonates with many Country Music lovers. His voice still sounds as soulful as ever adding an emotional connection with his listeners.

The Verdict

Ditching the hat does not take away from Cody’s talent, dedication, and passion for music. Artists evolve and change, and Cody is no different. The cowboy hat will always be part of the Country music identity, but the stage is also a place for artists to express themselves freely. Cody may wear his cowboy hat again in future performances or switch things up – either way, his music and authenticity remain the same, and that’s what his fans truly appreciate.


Cody Johnson’s decision to perform without his cowboy hat caused quite a stir among his fans. It’s a significant change, and some loved it, while others did not. Cody’s authenticity and passion for country music remain the same, and his new look aligns with the contemporary feel of modern country music. Ultimately, the cowboy hat is just an accessory, and Cody Johnson’s talent and love for music are what keep fans coming back.

Pros Cons
Gives Cody a fresh, contemporary look Different from tradition and might disorient fans
Shows that Cody is confident enough to take risks The hat is an iconic symbol of Country music
Incorporates Cody’s traditional country roots with hints of modern flair Some fans prefer Cody with his hat on
Does not take away from Cody’s talent, dedication, and passion for music Some fans may find it difficult to recognize him without the hat
Cody’s music and authenticity remain the same regardless of the hat

Cody Johnson Goes Hatless and Fans Are Surprised

Thank you so much for stopping by to read about Cody Johnson’s hatless look that caught the attention of his fans. We hope you enjoyed the insights shared on this topic and found everything informative. Indeed, it’s not every day that a country music star decides to ditch their signature style and try something new.

Cody Johnson has always been known for his famous cowboy hat that he often wears on stage and in appearances. His surprise no-hat look got his fans talking, and many were pleasantly surprised by how good he looked. Some were, however, convinced that he looked better with his hat on, but we’ll let you be the judge.

At the end of the day, Cody Johnson’s decision to go hatless is a testament to his willingness to change things up while still staying true to himself. It’s inspiring to see someone step out of their comfort zone and experiment with new things. We hope you continue to follow along with Cody Johnson and all his future endeavors, hat or no hat!

People Also Ask About Cody Johnson Goes Hatless and Fans Are Surprised:

  1. Why did Cody Johnson go hatless?
  2. Cody Johnson explained in a video that he decided to go hatless because he wanted to show his fans that he is just a regular guy who doesn’t need a hat to define him as a country singer.

  3. Is Cody Johnson trying to change his image?
  4. No, Cody Johnson is not trying to change his image. He simply wants to show his fans that he is more than just a cowboy hat-wearing country singer.

  5. What do Cody Johnson’s fans think about him going hatless?
  6. Many of his fans were surprised when they first saw Cody Johnson without his trademark hat, but they soon realized that he is still the same talented country singer they know and love.

  7. Will Cody Johnson continue to perform without his hat?
  8. It is not clear whether Cody Johnson will continue to perform without his hat in the future, but he has said that he will do what feels right for him and his music.

  9. Does Cody Johnson have any upcoming concerts where he will be hatless?
  10. It is not clear whether Cody Johnson has any upcoming concerts where he will be hatless, but fans can check his official website and social media pages for updates on his tour schedule.