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If you are a fan of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, you have probably noticed that she is rarely seen without one of her trendy hats. Whether she is attending an official event or walking around the city, Mayor Lightfoot has become known for her stylish headwear.

But where does she get all these hats, and how does she choose which one to wear? In this article, we will take a closer look at Mayor Lightfoot’s hat collection and reveal some of her fashion secrets. You won’t want to miss it!

From colorful fedoras to sleek berets, Mayor Lightfoot’s hat collection is sure to impress even the most discerning fashionista. But her hats aren’t just for show – they also serve a practical purpose. As the mayor of a major city, she spends a lot of time outdoors, and her hats help protect her from the elements while still looking chic and stylish.

If you want to know more about Mayor Lightfoot’s fashion choices, read on! We will explore her favorite hat designers, her go-to styles, and even some of the social media buzz surrounding her iconic headwear. Don’t miss out on the latest news about one of the most fashionable mayors in the country!

Lori Lightfoot Hat
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If you’ve been following the news, then you know that Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago, has been sporting some trendy hats lately. She started this trend when she wore a hat to her inauguration in May 2019, and since then, she has been spotted wearing different hats at various events. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the hats that Lori has worn and compare them to each other.

The Bucket Hat

Lori Lightfoot was seen wearing a black bucket hat during the Taste of Chicago event in July 2019. This hat is made of cotton and has a relaxed fit. It also features a wide brim that provides good sun protection. The bucket hat is a classic style that has been popular for decades. It’s versatile, comfortable, and perfect for casual occasions.


  • Comfortable
  • Provides sun protection
  • Versatile


  • Not suitable for formal events
  • Can be difficult to style with certain outfits

The Fedora

During a press conference in October 2019, Lori Lightfoot wore a gray fedora with a black band. The fedora is a stylish and sophisticated hat that has been around for decades. It’s a versatile style that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Lori’s fedora featured a wide brim that added an extra touch of elegance.


  • Stylish and sophisticated
  • Versatile
  • Can be dressed up or down


  • Not suitable for casual occasions
  • Can be difficult to style with certain outfits

The Beanie

Lori Lightfoot was seen wearing a black beanie during a walk through the West Side in December 2019. The beanie is a casual and comfortable style that’s perfect for cold weather. It’s also versatile and can be worn with almost any outfit. Lori’s beanie was made of wool and had a simple design.


  • Casual and comfortable
  • Perfect for cold weather
  • Versatile


  • Not suitable for formal occasions
  • May not provide enough warmth in extreme cold weather

The Baseball Cap

During an interview in February 2020, Lori Lightfoot wore a black baseball cap with the Chicago flag on the front. The baseball cap is a classic and casual style that’s perfect for outdoor activities. It’s comfortable and provides good sun protection. Lori’s baseball cap was made of cotton and had a adjustable strap at the back.


  • Classic and casual
  • Perfect for outdoor activities
  • Comfortable


  • Not suitable for formal occasions
  • May not provide enough sun protection for long periods of time

Comparison Table

Style Pros Cons
Bucket Hat Comfortable, provides sun protection, versatile Not suitable for formal events, can be difficult to style with certain outfits
Fedora Stylish and sophisticated, versatile, can be dressed up or down Not suitable for casual occasions, can be difficult to style with certain outfits
Beanie Casual and comfortable, perfect for cold weather, versatile Not suitable for formal occasions, may not provide enough warmth in extreme cold weather
Baseball Cap Classic and casual, perfect for outdoor activities, comfortable Not suitable for formal occasions, may not provide enough sun protection for long periods of time


Lori Lightfoot has shown us that hats are not only functional but can also be a great fashion accessory. Whether you’re going for a classic and sophisticated look or a casual and comfortable one, there’s a hat out there for everyone. Lori’s trendy hats have made a mark on the fashion world, and we can’t wait to see what she’ll wear next.


My personal favorite hat that Lori Lightfoot has worn is the fedora. It’s a timeless style that adds an extra touch of elegance to any outfit. However, I also appreciate the simplicity and versatility of the beanie. Overall, I think that Lori’s hat collection is a great example of how hats can enhance your style and complete your look.

Thank you for visiting our blog to read about Lori Lightfoot’s trendy hats! We hope you enjoyed learning about her unique style and the meaning behind each of her hats. From the ‘Chicago Stars’ hat to her iconic fedora, there’s no doubt that Mayor Lightfoot knows how to accessorize her look.

If you’re interested in staying up-to-date on Lori Lightfoot’s fashion choices, be sure to follow her on social media or check out her appearances in the news. Who knows, you might even see some new hat styles popping up soon!

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People also ask about Get the Latest on Lori Lightfoot’s Trendy Hats!

  1. What kind of hats does Lori Lightfoot wear?
  2. Lori Lightfoot is known for wearing a variety of hats, including fedoras, beanies, and baseball caps.

  3. Where can I buy Lori Lightfoot’s hats?
  4. It is unclear where Lori Lightfoot purchases her hats, but similar styles can be found at various retailers such as Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Lids.

  5. What is the significance of Lori Lightfoot’s hats?
  6. Lori Lightfoot has stated that her hats are a way for her to express her personality and add some fun to her professional wardrobe. They have also become somewhat of a trademark for her.

  7. Are Lori Lightfoot’s hats made by a particular designer?
  8. There is no specific designer associated with Lori Lightfoot’s hat collection. She often wears hats from a variety of brands and stores.

  9. How many hats does Lori Lightfoot own?
  10. The exact number of hats in Lori Lightfoot’s collection is unknown, but she has been seen wearing a different hat nearly every day since taking office as mayor of Chicago.