Rock out with Chunk No Captain Chunk's 'Haters Gonna Hate' tab!

Rock out and let loose with Chunk No Captain Chunk’s ‘Haters Gonna Hate’ tab! If you’re a fan of pop punk, this song is an absolute must-learn on the guitar. The combination of catchy melodies and heavy riffs will have you headbanging in no time.

With this tab, you’ll be able to jam out to the French band’s hit single, which was released in 2010. ‘Haters Gonna Hate’ was well received by fans and critics alike and remains one of the band’s most popular songs to this day.

Don’t let the title deceive you – this song is all about having a good time and not worrying about what others think. And with Chunk No Captain Chunk’s high-energy performance style, it’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement. So grab your guitar and get ready to rock out like never before!

Whether you’re a seasoned guitarist or just starting out, this tab is suitable for all skill levels. So what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of pop punk and add ‘Haters Gonna Hate’ to your repertoire. You won’t regret it.

Chunk No Captain Chunk Haters Gonna Hate Tab
“Chunk No Captain Chunk Haters Gonna Hate Tab” ~ bbaz


Are you a fan of rock and metal music? Have you heard about Chunk No Captain Chunk’s song ‘Haters Gonna Hate’? It is a highly popular punk rock song with catchy lyrics that can’t help but make you groove. Moreover, the song’s electric guitar riff is worth mentioning. Here we will discuss in detail the style of guitar playing in ‘Haters Gonna Hate’, its difficulty level, and how it compares to other punk rock guitar songs.

Chunk No Captain Chunk – Haters Gonna Hate: Guitar Riff Analysis

Let’s dive into the guitar playing in ‘Haters Gonna Hate.’ The intro riff starts with a distorted power chord progression played in short bursts using palm muting technique. This technique is widely used in punk rock and metal music. From there, the riff moves on to melodic notes that give the song its unique vibe. The chorus part comes with an easy rhythm guitar playing, while the lead guitar plays a melody riff that fills the gap nicely.

Guitar Chords Used in Haters Gonna Hate

The song’s power chords are Eb5, Bb5, and C#5. The melody riff uses B and A#/Bb notes on the 12th frets on the B string. The pre-chorus part utilizes more power chords such as F#5 and G#5, and the chorus progresses with D#5, B5, and F#5 chord progression.

Difficulty Level

Chunk No Captain Chunk’s ‘Haters Gonna Hate’ riff is not very complicated to play, but it requires some effort in perfect timing the palm mute and note changes. The speed of the song is moderate, so it’s not too fast or too slow. Novice guitar players may find some difficulty in playing the melody riff but gradually get the hang of it after enough practice.

Punk Rock Guitar Songs Comparison

When it comes to punk rock and metal guitar songs, there are tons of classic tunes to pick from. The likes of Green Day, Blink-182, and Sum 41 have popular guitar songs worth mentioning. Let’s compare ‘Haters Gonna Hate’ with blink-182’s ‘All The Small Things’ song riff. Both songs come with a similar power chord progression and playing techniques but differ in their melody. On the other hand, Green Day’s ‘Basket Case’ song has more complex chord progression and melody parts.

Song Name Chord Progression Melody Complexity Difficulty Level
Haters Gonna Hate Eb5, Bb5, C#5 Easy to Medium Moderate
All The Small Things C5, G5, F5, A5 Simple Easy
Basket Case G5, D5, A5, C5 Medium to Hard Hard


Overall, Chunk No Captain Chunk’s ‘Haters Gonna Hate’ is an excellent guitar song for novice to intermediate level players. The guitar chords and riff are not too complicated, and the melody is catchy enough to get stuck in your head. It’s an ideal choice for those who like pop-punk and rock music genres. The comparison table shows that while the song is not as complex as some punk rock classics, it holds its own ground with its style and vibe.


In conclusion, we have explored Chunk No Captain Chunk’s ‘Haters Gonna Hate’ and compared it with other punk rock guitar songs. The guitar riff is an essential aspect of any punk rock and metal song, and Chunk No Captain Chunk has nailed it with their unique style. If you are a guitar player, learning this song can help you enhance your skills and get better at palm muting and melody. So, put on your guitar and start playing ‘Haters Gonna Hate’ to rock out and show those haters what you got!

Rock out with Chunk No Captain Chunk’s ‘Haters Gonna Hate’ tab!

Thank you for taking the time to read about Chunk No Captain Chunk’s ‘Haters Gonna Hate’ tab! We hope that you’ve found this article helpful in learning about this energetic and dynamic band. Their unique blend of pop-punk and metalcore make for a high-energy experience, and their commitment to positivity and self-expression is truly inspiring.

If you’re new to the world of guitar tabs, we encourage you to give this one a try! Many guitarists find it to be a challenging but rewarding piece to learn, and it’s an excellent way to push your skills to the next level. With practice and dedication, you’ll be rocking out to ‘Haters Gonna Hate’ before you know it.

As always, remember to have fun with your music! Whether you’re practicing alone or jamming with friends, playing guitar should bring you joy and fulfillment. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t master a particular technique right away – keep at it, ask for help when you need it, and most importantly, keep on playing!

People Also Ask about Rock out with Chunk No Captain Chunk’s ‘Haters Gonna Hate’ Tab:

  1. What is the difficulty level of this song?
  2. The difficulty level of ‘Haters Gonna Hate’ by Chunk No Captain Chunk is intermediate.

  3. What tuning is this song in?
  4. This song is in Drop D tuning.

  5. What are the chords used in this song?
  6. The chords used in this song are D, A, Bm, and G.

  7. Are there any solos in this song?
  8. No, there are no solos in this song.

  9. What is the tempo of this song?
  10. The tempo of ‘Haters Gonna Hate’ is 178 beats per minute.