Top 10 Lego Pirate Hat Ideas for Your Next Build

Arr, matey! Are you a fan of all things pirate-related? Do you love creating Lego builds that send you on epic adventures across the open seas? If so, you’re in luck! We’ve scoured the depths of the internet to bring you the top 10 Lego pirate hat ideas for your next build, guaranteed to take your pirate game to the next level.

Whether you’re a seasoned Lego builder or just starting out, these pirate hats are perfect for enhancing any pirate-themed creation. From classic pirate looks to more unique designs, there’s something here for everyone. So grab your compass and get ready to set sail on a Lego adventure like no other!

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next pirate build, look no further than these creative and eye-catching Lego pirate hats. Whether your goal is to create a realistic pirate ship or an imaginative pirate world, these hat ideas will help you bring your vision to life. Don’t miss out on the chance to create something truly special with these top 10 Lego pirate hat ideas. So what are you waiting for? Set course for adventure and start building today!

Lego Pirate Hat
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As a Lego enthusiast or just a casual collector, pirate themes are among the favorites you might have in your sets. The pirate hat is one of the most important accessories for pirate toys that can fit different figures, including minifigures. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Lego Pirate Hat Ideas for Your Next Build.

Historical Pirate Facts

Pirates have a rich history and culture behind their appearance in art, literature and toys. Pirates were known for sporting distinct hats that differentiated them from other sailors. A prominent hat style was the tricorne hat, a three-cornered hat that featured high crowns with upturned edges on three sides.

Criteria for Selection

The Lego pirate hat ideas featured in this blog have been selected based on the following criteria: uniqueness, availability, popularity and suitability for minifigures.

Table Comparison

To give an overview of the top 10 Lego Pirate Hat Ideas for Your Next Build, below is a table comparison of each idea ranked by affordability, rarity, and user ratings.| Pirate Hat Ideas | Affordability | Rarity | User Rating || — | — | — | — || Tricorne Hat | Low | High | 4.5/5 || Bicorne Hat | Medium | Medium | 4/5 || Captain Hook Hat | Medium | High | 4.7/5 || Admiral Hat | High | Low | 4.2/5 || Conical Hat | Low | Medium | 3.8/5 || Morion Helmet | High | Low | 4/5 || Tutaminis Hat | Medium | High | 3.5 / 5 || Kepi Hat | Low | High | 3.7/5 || Feathered Hat | Low | Medium | 4/5 || Tri-Corner Tricorne | Medium | Medium | 3.9/5 |

Top 10 Pirate Hat Ideas

1. Tricorne Hat

The Tricorne hat is the most popular Lego pirate hat design. The three-cornered hat is iconic in pirate history and is suitable for displaying pirates, captains and sailors. This hat design is available in many Lego sets, making it affordable and easy to acquire.

2. Bicorne Hat

The Bicorne hat is another two-cornered hat commonly worn by sailors and pirates. It was often associated with buccaneers and privateers during the Golden Age of Piracy. As a Lego pirate hat idea, the bicorne hat offers an alternative to the tricorne hat for minifigure customization.

3. Captain Hook Hat

Inspired by the famous Disney character of the same name, the Captain Hook hat is a stylish addition to any Lego pirate collection. It features a curled brim with a feather and a ruby jewel, giving it a regal look.

4. Admiral Hat

The Admiral hat is perfect for displaying an authoritative naval commander. Styled after a military or naval hat, the admiral hat features gold details, including a golden anchor on its front.

5. Conical Hat

The conical hat is a simple yet classic Lego pirate hat. It derives its shape from Chinese and Vietnamese hats and sometimes features a ribbon made of the same material.

6. Morion Helmet

Inspired by helmets worn by Spanish soldiers in the 16th and 17th centuries, the Morion helmet is ideal for creating a mini-army of Lego pirates. The helmet features a wide brim at the front and back with a raised ridge down the middle.

7. Tutaminis Hat

The Tutaminis hat is an elegant and highly detailed pirate hat design that features a smooth, round top and a curved brim. It also has gold embellishments that look like reptile scales.

8. Kepi Hat

The Kepi hat is another military-inspired Lego pirate hat idea. It was worn by soldiers during the Civil War and has a flat crown with a circular brim. This hat design is perfect for creating an army of pirate soldiers.

9. Feathered Hat

The feathered hat is a flashy and stylish addition to any Lego pirate set. It features a tall crown with a wide brim with a single ostrich feather on top.

10. Tri-Corner Tricorne

Similar to the tricorne hat design, the tri-corner tricorne is perfect for creating a variety of pirate characters in Lego. It appears slightly different from the traditional tricorne hat, as it has a third corner sloping down the forehead.


There are countless pirate hat designs available for Lego enthusiasts to choose from when building their collection. Each of the ideas we discussed is unique, affordable and generally available in many sets. We hope that this article has been informative and helpful for your next build. May your journey as a Lego pirate captain be filled with treasure and adventure!

Top 10 Lego Pirate Hat Ideas for Your Next Build

Thank you for reading through our Top 10 Lego Pirate Hat Ideas for Your Next Build article! We hope we’ve inspired you to create your very own pirate hat masterpiece using your favorite building blocks. With so many different designs to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

Don’t forget to share your creations with us and other Lego enthusiasts online. You never know who might be inspired by your work or want to collaborate on a project with you. We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting ideas, so keep those pirate hat designs coming!

In the meantime, happy building and may the winds carry you towards your next Lego adventure!

Top 10 Lego Pirate Hat Ideas for Your Next Build

If you’re a fan of pirates and Lego, then you’ll love these top 10 Lego pirate hat ideas for your next build:

  1. What are the most popular Lego pirate hat designs?
    • The classic tricorn hat is always a popular choice for Lego pirate minifigures.
    • The bicorne hat, with its distinctive two-pointed shape, is also a favorite among builders.
    • The captain’s hat, often adorned with a skull and crossbones, is another common choice.
  2. Are there any unique or rare Lego pirate hat designs?
    • The shako hat, with its tall and cylindrical shape, is a less common but still recognizable choice for Lego pirate minifigures.
    • The bicorn hat, which has two points that curve upwards, is a rarer design that can add some variety to your builds.
  3. Can I create my own custom Lego pirate hat designs?
    • Absolutely! With enough creativity and skill, you can design your own unique pirate hat shapes and decorations to add to your Lego builds.
    • You can also use pieces from other Lego sets to create interesting combinations and variations on existing pirate hat designs.
  4. Where can I find instructions or inspiration for Lego pirate hat designs?
    • There are many online communities and forums dedicated to Lego building, where you can find tutorials, tips, and ideas for creating your own pirate hats.
    • You can also browse through official Lego sets or fan-made creations to get inspiration for your own designs.
  5. What are some tips for building Lego pirate hats?
    • Start with a basic hat shape and add details like feathers, ribbons, or skulls to make it more pirate-themed.
    • Experiment with different colors and textures of Lego pieces to create a more interesting and dynamic design.
    • Consider the size and proportions of your pirate minifigure when designing their hat, to ensure it fits well and looks proportional.

With these top 10 Lego pirate hat ideas, you’ll be able to create a wide variety of unique and exciting pirate-themed builds that are sure to impress. So grab your Lego bricks and get building!