Why Does Darry Hold a Grudge Against Paul Holden?

Darry Curtis, the eldest of the Curtis brothers, is known for being practical, hardworking, and responsible. He is also known for holding a grudge against Paul Holden, a Soc who went to their school and dated Darry’s late girlfriend, Sandy, before her death. This grudge has caused tension between the two families.

Many theories have been put forward as to why Darry holds this particular grudge. One theory suggests that Darry may feel that Paul was somehow involved in Sandy’s death. Another theory suggests that Darry feels that Paul betrayed him by dating Sandy while he was in jail. Yet another theory suggests that Darry simply cannot forgive Paul for taking away his first love. Regardless of the reason, it is clear that the grudge runs deep.

Despite attempts by other members of the Curtis family to reconcile with Paul and his family, Darry remains resolute in his anger towards Paul. This has led to several confrontations between Darry and Paul over the years, often resulting in physical altercations. While some argue that Darry should let go of his grudge and move on, others believe that it is up to him to decide when and if he wants to forgive Paul.

In conclusion, the grudge that Darry holds against Paul Holden is a complex issue that has impacted both families in significant ways. Whether or not Darry will ever be able to forgive Paul remains to be seen. However, it is clear that this grudge has shaped Darry’s character and resulted in a deep-seated distrust of Socs in general. To fully understand the reasons behind Darry’s grudge, one must delve deeper into the troubled past of the Curtis brothers and the complex dynamics of class and social status in their community.

Why Does Darry Hate Paul Holden So Much
“Why Does Darry Hate Paul Holden So Much” ~ bbaz

The Background of Darry and Paul Holden

Darry and Paul Holden were once close friends, as they grew up together in the same neighborhood. However, their paths diverged when they became teenagers. Darry worked hard to support his family after his parents died, while Paul started to get involved with drugs and gangs. This led to a rift between the two, and Darry began to hold a grudge against Paul.

The Incident that Solidified Darry’s Grudge

The incident that solidified Darry’s grudge against Paul was the night when Ponyboy and Johnny were attacked by the Socs. Paul was one of the Socs who participated in the attack, and he didn’t even try to stop his friends from hurting Ponyboy and Johnny. This made Darry lose any respect he had left for Paul, and he couldn’t forgive him for what had happened.

The Different Paths They Took

As mentioned earlier, Darry and Paul took different paths in life. While Darry worked hard and tried to make a decent living for himself and his brothers, Paul got involved with drugs and gangs, which led him down a dangerous path. Darry resented Paul for not taking responsibility for his actions and for putting himself and others in danger.

The Role of Pride

Pride played a significant role in Darry’s grudge against Paul. Darry was proud of how far he had come in life despite the obstacles he faced, while Paul’s lifestyle was something that Darry could never accept or understand. Darry was also prideful in his role as an older brother, and he felt that it was his responsibility to protect his younger brothers from harm. Seeing Paul participate in the attack on Ponyboy and Johnny went against everything he stood for, and it hurt him deeply.

The Importance of Loyalty

Loyalty was another factor in Darry’s grudge against Paul. Darry remained loyal to his family and friends, even when times were tough. He saw Paul’s actions as a betrayal of that loyalty, and he couldn’t forgive him for it. Darry took his role as a protector seriously, and he felt that Paul had put himself and others in danger by getting involved with the Socs.

Darry’s Struggle to Maintain Control

Darry’s grudge against Paul was also fueled by his struggle to maintain control over his life and his family. Darry felt responsible for his brothers’ well-being, and he often found himself in a position where he had to make tough decisions. Seeing Paul get involved with gangs and drugs made Darry feel like he was losing control over his own life and his brothers’ lives.

The Impact on Ponyboy

The impact of Darry’s grudge against Paul was also felt by Ponyboy. Ponyboy idolized Darry, but he struggled to understand why his older brother held such a grudge against Paul. This led to tension between Ponyboy and Darry, which created further problems within the family.

The Comparison Table: Darry vs. Paul

Darry Paul
Background Grew up in a rough neighborhood, worked hard to support his family Grew up in the same neighborhood, got involved with drugs and gangs
Actions Took responsibility for his actions, protected his family and friends Put himself and others in danger by getting involved with gangs and drugs, participated in the attack on Ponyboy and Johnny
Values Hard work, loyalty, protection Thrills, power, acceptance

The Future of their Relationship

It’s unclear what the future holds for Darry and Paul’s relationship. While it’s possible that they could reconcile their differences and move forward, it’s also possible that the damage has been done and that their friendship is irreparable. Only time will tell if Darry can let go of his grudge against Paul and if Paul can make amends for his past mistakes.

My Opinion: Darry’s Grudge is Justified

In my opinion, Darry’s grudge against Paul is justified. Paul made a series of poor choices that put himself and others in danger, which goes against everything that Darry stands for. While it’s important to forgive and move on from past mistakes, it’s also important to hold people accountable for their actions. Darry’s grudge shows that he takes his role as a protector seriously and that he won’t tolerate behavior that puts his family and friends at risk.


In conclusion, Darry’s grudge against Paul Holden stems from a variety of factors, including pride, loyalty, and a desire to maintain control over his life and his family. While it’s possible that their relationship could be reconciled in the future, it’s also understandable why Darry feels the way he does. Only time will tell if they can move beyond their past and salvage their friendship.

Why Does Darry Hold a Grudge Against Paul Holden?

Thank you for taking the time to read about why Darry holds a grudge against Paul Holden. As you can see from the article, their feud stems from a long-standing rivalry between their families, which was exacerbated by their differing personalities and life choices.

While it may be easy to dismiss their conflict as a petty and unnecessary, it is important to understand the underlying factors that contributed to it. By doing so, we may gain a greater appreciation for the complexity of human relationships and the impact that our actions can have on others.

Ultimately, the story of Darry and Paul serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of letting pride and stubbornness cloud our judgment. By recognizing the value of forgiveness and compassion, we can build stronger connections with those around us and foster a more peaceful and harmonious world.

People also ask about why Darry holds a grudge against Paul Holden:

  1. Who is Paul Holden and how is he related to Darry?
  2. Paul Holden is Darry’s older brother who left home and never came back.

  3. What caused the rift between Darry and Paul?
  4. The exact cause of the rift is never explicitly stated in the book, but it is implied that Paul left home to avoid the responsibility of taking care of his family after their parents died. This left Darry to take on the role of provider and caretaker for his younger brothers.

  5. Does Darry ever forgive Paul?
  6. The book does not provide a clear answer to this question. However, it is suggested that Darry may have come to some level of forgiveness or understanding towards Paul by the end of the story, as he is seen trying to comfort Ponyboy after the death of Johnny, despite his own emotional turmoil.

  7. How does the rift between Darry and Paul affect the other characters in the book?
  8. The rift between Darry and Paul is a source of tension and conflict among the characters, particularly between Darry and Ponyboy. It also serves to highlight the importance of family and the burdens that come with familial responsibilities.

  9. What does the grudge between Darry and Paul say about their characters?
  10. The grudge between Darry and Paul reveals a lot about their characters. Darry is shown to be fiercely loyal and protective of his family, willing to make sacrifices for their well-being. Paul, on the other hand, is depicted as selfish and irresponsible, choosing to abandon his family rather than face his responsibilities.